• is a solely non-profit organization that supports social projects around the world
  • associates itself closely with the Christian Worldview
  • represents people who are committed to taking social responsibility
  • sends out experts worldwide

These are the countries we work in

  • India
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kenia
  • Nepal
  • Russia
  • and others

Out of love for others...

  • we commit ourselves to a world worth living
  • we help to build the future
  • we help in conflict areas and step in when disaster hits
  • we support people in hardship and poverty
  • we are committed to the careful use of natural resources
  • we promote social development, health and education in accordance with local customs and habits
  • we advise on site how to set up local projects so the people will take responsibility and care for themselves
  • we train local experts
  • we encourage and strengthen individual responsibility in action and personal initiative
  • we make effort to reconciliation and international understanding