Installation of the solar system in the dormitory Grace

The project was completed in August of 2019


Thanks to the support of the Schmitz Foundations and Provide eV. the solar system at the student hostel in India could now be completed.

Our partner writes the following:

"The installation of a solar system was one of the requirements for the student dormitory "Grace". We are very grateful that these could be completed thanks to the support of the Schmitz Foundations and Provide eV.

The hostel in Suntalabari suffers from frequent and prolonged power outages. During the monsoon months, storms and heavy rains are causing damage. Often trees are uprooted, which leads to road blockades. Large tree branches, which fall down on electrical wires and electricity pylons, often cause a wire break and damage the masts.

Another factor is the location of the hostel. It is build up in a reserve, which is frequently visited by various species of wild animals. Elephants are widespread in this area. There are reports of elephants invading the villages of Suntalabari and doing a lot of damage.

The staff and students of the hostel experienced the consequences of elephant attacks one night in the hostel about a year ago, when the kitchen and the fence were damaged. The solar power supply ensures the safety of the children here. On nights without electricity, the dormitory can now be protected from wild animals, using the solar energy.

The solar system generates 2-2.5 KVA electricity 24 hours a day for 7 days into the rooms of the student dormitory, which allows the children to study regularly, even when it gets dark early. We also purchased poultry and pigs for the hostel to be able to raise our own meat for a healthy and affordable nutrition. Again, this requires the use of continuous power. The solar system is a great help for the entire operation of the student dormitory.

In addition, this environmentally friendly power generation is a step towards saving energy, protecting nature and lowering the cost of electricity bills.

We are grateful that Germany has provided financial support for the installation of the solar system for the "Grace Student's Hostel” in Suntalabari.



School education for Indian children

It cannot be expected of a child to run up a steep jungle trails for hours in order to get to school. However, this is the case in the Buxaduar region in North-Eastern India. [Nbsp] The "Agape Academy" is located on the edge of the jungle, where twelve teachers are teaching 235 students from start to tenth grade. The children belong to the people of the Dukpa, mostly farmers. They live scattered in the mountains, the children have to help with field work and guard animals. Only a quarter can attend secondary school at all. Some walk for an hour each day through the jungle to school. Others live two or three hours' walk away and cannot come at all. That should change.
In order to provide a good education for children in this region, several organizations, municipalities and school management have begun building a dormitory together with Provide employees. Two buildings will be build for each 50 boys and 50 girls .


Get involved:

Our partner HiP ( already gathered a large part of the finances for the building. Provide would like to come up with about 20.000 Euros to be able to help with the interior design and furnishings.

You can become part by sending a  gift!

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 Projectnumber: P218131 Student Hostel and  please do not forget to write down your address for a tax deductable receipt. 

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A special thanks to all our sponsors

Here we would like to express our gratitude to all of our sponsors. Thanks to your support, there are some drastic changes going on in the lives of some children in India.

A special THANKS to Norbert  Axmann (Erlebnispark Fördertechnik Sinsheim)