Schoolbagpack project

Got some schoolbagpacks in storage?

Your kids are grown up and you have a schoolbagpack in your attic, which is still in good condition. You dont know what to do with it because it is too good to be thrown away...

We offer you a good solution to your dilemma:

In cooperation with GAiN (an international charity in Gießen  Provide e.V. is collecting schoolbagpacks, still in good condition, and is delivering them to students who cannot afford a schoolbagpack. They will be send into different countries, such as India, Iraq, Latvia, Tajikistan or Ukrain.

Here is what you can do:

Please clear and clean out your schoolbagpack (they shouldn`t be brocken). If you`d like, you may fill the bagpack with the essentials. Following is an idea of what that could hold.

Some basic essentials:

3 Exercise books (for math and writing) (A4)  , 2 collegeblogs, 1 drawing block (A4), 1 filled or empty pencil case plus 1 package of crayons, 1 package of markers, 3 pencils, 2 erasors, 1 pencil sharpener, 3 ball pens, 1 ruler.

Also you may add some Hygiene products, such as: soap bar (no shampoo or shower gel, please), 1 toothbrush, 1 toothpaste

Please bring or ship the well prepared schoolbagpack to the following address.

Provide e.V., Sudetenstr. 7, 74918 Angelbachtal, Germany.

We will be forwarding them to GAiN.  GAiN will be delivering these schoolbagpacks to needy students in different countries, as mentioned above.  

Will you become part of this project? 

One schoolbagpack may give hope to a child for a better future.


More then 50 schoolbagpacks have been shipped to children in need

Press release /Summer of 2015


Angelbachtal. (stb) The fourth graders waited anxiously with their schoolbagpacks in the schoolyard of the Sonnenbergschule in Angelbachtal. At 12:30 am, right on time,  Stephanie Brecht of Provide e.V. (development initiative Angelbachtal) drove up with a large van. Mrs. Brecht was warmly welcomed by the Rector Mr. Schwenk, the parents' councils and the students. The elementary school children had cleaned their schoolbagpacks and filled them with new pens, notebooks and hygiene items. Provide e.V. arranges these help for children in different countries.  Via an aid transport organization these schoolbagpacks will be brought to children in India, Iraq, Latvia, Tajikistan or the Ukraine who can not afford to buy one. "These children are even more happy about your schoolbagpacks than how you are pleased about your biggest Christmas present," said Stephanie Brecht in her speech expressing her gratitude to the children. The Rector, Mr. Schwenkt also expressed his excitement to the children, that so many schoolbagpacks have come together in such a short time and thanked the students warmly. Parents' Advisory Councils Schindler and Klensch took the opportunity and handed over to Provide a check of € 180 for the schoolbag campaign. This amount is the excess of the class cash. The students waived a payout and instead supported with this amount the schoolbagpack action. The rector of the Sonnenbergschule in Angelbachtal got so excited about this action that he would like to carry out this campaign on a yearly basis, together with Provide e.V.