Work with socialy deprived people

In the city

Alcoholism, violence and physical abuse in the homes and exploitation at the workplace are ubiquitous problems here. In cooperation with many native volunteers, a new project was started in late 2013, with its main focus being on the homeless. Initially,   it was planned to limit the help to street social work (distribution of hot meals, warm clothes and contact). However, it very quickly became obvious that the poverty was much worse, and the personal needs so much deeper.

Every year men and women freeze to death on the streets. Therefore, a shelter was opend in January 2014 to provide a living place for the homeless.  Our employee works there, along with a native leadership team.  In addition to the emergency care in winter, the team supports individuals who want to leave behind their strelife  and strive for re-entry into society. Along with many hours spent in fellowship, listening and sharing, medical and physiotherapeutic assistance, many other different ways of help are offered. For example: assistance is given in working with the authorities to obtain identification and social entitlements, job search and contact with their families.

Another area of work of our employee is the training, advice and support of a team working in a recently opened women's shelter. This facility is still developing. Here, women who want to get out of the sex industry are taken care of holistically.

Through the work with the homeless, our coworker has gotten to know many needy families. This has resulted in close contacts and in the care of a few disadvantaged families with several children.

How our work in Tajikistan and Kazakhstan started
In many regions women and the disabled are socially disadvantaged, especially if they belong to ethnic minorities. They need to be specifically supported and promoted by special projects. Until January 2009, our graduate social pedagogue led a project of local social workers dedicated to the reintegration of children from institutions into their families of origin. Another focus of the project in Tajikistan was the training of social workers and other professionals state side responsible for children`s homes and poor families.

From November 2009 to spring 2013 she worked in Kazakhstan with a charity organization. In addition to the distribution of aid for marginalized groups in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan,   a social café, as well as an English center and social projects, are offered. The focus of her work was the development of social projects, the training of local employees, as well as the promotion of social awareness within the whole team. This work resulted in a home visit program for lonely, sick and people with disabilities. There was additional involvement   in children's homes and groups, and   projects in various orphanages and in a monthly social participation program for volunteers.