Comprehensive Community development

Since 2009, Provide e.V.   has been heavily involved in   village development in Northeastern India. The office in Siliguri serves as a base for the region and the  rural areas, especially for the work in the less accessible communities of the Himalaya Mountains.

Key personnel are being trained and instructed to keep sustainable change processes moving. We believe that permanent changes to improve the quality of life will only be achieved when we succeed to motivate the local people to take the initiative.

It is therefore crucial to find and invest in local men and women  who will be taking on the responsibility for the development,  to help them get a vision for it and to support them in any way we can. Many villages can be reached only by motorcycle or on foot. Our agricultural engineer carries the responsibility as the project manager   for agricultural development aid projects, also for the medical training of village health workers and for other programs within the framework of village development. Through his academic training and excellent language skills (English, German, Nepali, Hindi, Nagamese), he has a key role in training Indian employees, as well as the village population.