Kazakhstan - House of Hope

She couldn’t take any more.

 March 2020

A mother of 2 children cannot take any more. Mayak is her last string of hope.

She looks like a frozen statue. Through her big eyes the little girl looks at the Social worker.  Sophia* doesn’t speak a word, although we will find out later, that she is well able to speak.

On this particular morning, Sophias mother Lena* took her two children and came to the office of Mayak. The mother cannot take any more. She is at her limits, doesn’t know what to do. The organization Mayak, “lighthouse” in English, is her last hope.  

Sophia was only one year old, when her parents separated. Mother Lena had to work very hard to take care of her two children. Often the two little ones stayed home by themselves behind locked doors. They never had enough money. They went from one place to the next. Lena went into depression, quite often she didn’t get out of bed and didn’t talk to her children. Harsh words and unloving treatment become “normal” to the children. All this scared Sophia and made her literally “speechless”. Due to malnutrition, both children are sick.  

As the family is sharing their troubles with the social worker of Provide it became quite evident: if the mother and her children don’t get help soon, it will end in a disaster! Who will help Sophia and support her mother to find their way back into society?

Such stories our employees hear on a regular basis and each time it touches their hearts and moves them deeply. Violence in the house, strict traditions, restrictions and male dominance are a norm in Kazakhstan. Forty percent of all women experience violence and abuse through their partner. Each year about 700 woman, commit suicide, to escape the violence in her own home.

Safety for women who have no chance otherwise 

In the year of 2018 in the city of Shymkent a non-profit organization MAYAK (Lighthouse) was established. Mayak brings women in from the streets and helps them and their children to get healing from the consequences of violence. They receive professional, psychological counseling and develop new life strategies.  

House of hope for women in need 

To expand the work for women and their children in need there is a plan in place to build up a “House of Hope”. Mayak was able to purchase a large piece of land. They secured it with a fence and set up a small fruit garden there. The House of Hope is supposed to be build up in the middle of this garden. It should provide living space for 6 women with their children along with an apartment for one of the female workers. The house also should have rooms for childcare and classrooms; rooms for creativity actions and for medical and psychological support. In addition to these, the house should hold a few offices as well as a huge kitchen with a dining room. The construction is supposed to be starting the summer of 2020.  

You are moved by the story of Sophia and her family? Would you like to support the work among the needy women in Kazakhstan?

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